The program is not open to owners who plan to use the POD MAX Starship for personal use, in a private setting.

If you are an individual and dream of having a POD MAX Starship on your property to use in outreach and education, there is a way for you to participate in THESP. Please Email or Call Us for more information.

To Qualify if You Are an Organization

Will the POD MAX Starship be used in education?

Will the POD MAX Starship be used for public outreach?

Has your organization been in existence for at least 5 years?

If your organization meets these basic criteria please contact us for more information about how you can qualify for, and participate in THESP.

Call Us at Ph. 877-378-6286, our team members will immediately receive your voice message wherever they are and we will reply ASAP.

Email Us and we will send you more information about –
Qualifying, Creating Your Integrated Starship, Funding, Rules, and Running a Successful Campaign.

Visit the POD MAX Website to learn more about the observatory system being utilized to create the Starship Fleet.