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Opened in 1976 during the Bicentennial, the Eastlake Science Center has been an exciting destination for young and old since that time.

Over the years we’ve had many science and space related events and exhibits at the center. One of our longest running and most popular events is our free-of-charge Weekend Sky Viewing.

Every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night if the sky is clear, Eastlake Astronomy Society members, Center staff, and friends have been setting up their telescopes in the parking lot of the center to share and teach about the sky to all who attend.

We’ve been planning to build a more permanent home for our astronomy outreach and a Starship is the perfect. A MAX Starship is just the right size to be able to accommodate a research grade telescope during the week, and provide hands-on access to the public on weekends.

We will be hooking up the telescope cameras to our outdoor jumbo screen and the rest of our video network throughout the Center, so that when the large Starship telescope is transmitting images we will be able to show them throughout the Center and on the internet at the same time.  

Our Starship will be the new, and long needed jewel in the Center’s electric astronomy facilities. Our weekend Sky Nights will finally have a center of their own, on-site, from which to anchor our astronomy outreach program.

Please contribute to our campaign. Come join us any night it’s clear!

Starship Main Equipment - POD MAX XL6, 20" Astro Tech 20” RC, Paramount ME II Mount, 90mm Lunt Solar Scope, MallinCam, CCD Deep Sky Cam 

$10 – Your name on the THESP Virtual Wall of Thanks!
$50 – Great Reward
$100 – Even Better Reward
$500 – Really Sweet Reward
$1,000 - $4,999 – Something Really Special
$5,000 and above - Your name or logo on its own separate plaque in the Starship. Can be your name, logo, memorial, etc. Plaque will be least 4" X 12"

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