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Established in 1997, the Southland Eco Park is located on a re-claimed chemical dump site, which has been transformed into a beautiful destination for families and school groups. Our 10 acre botanical garden boasts thousands of exotic and endangered plant species, a babbling brook, picnic area, and children's playground/water park.

Our new science park showcases the latest products made from re-cycled materials, water reclamation, renewable energy, and a new 100 seat Planetarium. We can't wait to add the POD MAX Starship to our attractions.

Our Starship will house a 14" Celestron telescope and be used for our night time "Under The Stars" program. Members of the public will take part in a tour of the night sky lead by one of our in-house astronomers. Participants will be able to not only look through the telescopes, but also view live space objects and a 50" screen in the Starship.

We will have regular speakers which will include astronauts, scientists, writers, and space exploration celebrities.

With your help we can have our new Starship open to the public by the fall of 2016. Come and visit the park and take part in a night under the stars with us.

Starship Main Equipment - G-POD MAX XL6, 14" Celestron Edge HD Telescope, Pro CGE Mount, 90mm Lunt Solar Scope, Paramount ME II Mount, MallinCam, CCD Deep Sky Cam

Contributor Rewards

$10 – Your name on the THESP Virtual Wall of Thanks!
$50 – Great Reward
$100 – Even Better Reward
$500 – Really Sweet Reward
$1,000 - $4,999 – Something Really Special
$5,000 and above - Your name or logo on its own separate plaque in the Starship. Can be your name, logo, memorial, etc. Plaque will be at least 4" X 12"

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