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Since 1947 the W.A.A has been a fixture in the Westown area. Our club’s dark sky location near Lake Ridge has been the site of dozens of “Star Parties”, and many viewings of astronomical events over the decades.

During the 1970’s our club members, together with the support of local merchants, built a 12’ dome observatory, with a club-member-made 20” telescope. Sadly both the telescope and observatory are older now and beyond repair.

THESP is providing us with the opportunity to revitalize the dark sky site, and bolster interest in astronomy and space exploration in the area again.

We are partnering with Westown High School to incorporate our Starship into their STEM curriculum. Students will operate the Starship along with club members. We expect to make some great discoveries and help young scientists along their way.  

Our club would love to have the Starship ready for a re-launch of our annual Star Party in June of 2017. We expect to broadcast space video often on the Starships Video Network, and the Star Party would be a great first broadcast.

With your help, we can make it happen. Thank you for your contribution!

Starship Main Equipment  - G-POD MAX XL6, 20" Astro Tech RC, Paramount ME II Mount, 90mm Lunt Solar Scope, Paramount ME II Mount, MallinCam, CCD Deep Sky Cam 

$10 – Your name on the THESP Virtual Wall of Thanks!
$50 – Great Reward
$100 – Even Better Reward
$500 – Really Sweet Reward
$1,000 - $4,999 – Something Really Special
$5,000 and above - Your name or logo on its own separate plaque in the Starship. Can be your name, logo, memorial, etc. Plaque will be at least 4" X 12"

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