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Eastlake Science Center
Science Centres

Opened in 1976 during the Bicentennial, the Eastlake Science Center has been an exciting destination for young and old since that time. Over the years we’ve had many science and space related events and exhibits at the center. One of our longest running and most popular events is our free-of-charge Weekend Sky Viewing.

  • 54.97% Funded
  • $52,220.00 Funded

Westown Astronomical Association

Since 1947 the W.A.A has been a fixture in the Westown area. Our club’s dark sky location near Lake Ridge has been the site of dozens of “Star Parties”, and many viewings of astronomical events over the decades.

  • 25.29% Funded
  • $21,500.00 Funded

Southland Eco Park
Eco Parks

Established in 1997, the Southland Eco Park is located on a re-claimed chemical dump site, which has been transformed into a beautiful destination for families and school groups. Our 10 acre botanical garden boasts thousands of exotic and endangered plant species, a babbling brook, picnic area, and children's playground/water park.

  • 84.13% Funded
  • $67,300.00 Funded

North City High School

North City High has a population of 1500 students. We're very excited about adding a Starship to our facilities!

  • 71.16% Funded
  • $67,600.00 Funded