What Is The Starships Project?

The Starships Project is a funding program for educational and astronomy / science / tech outreach organizations, who dream of owning a research grade observatory (POD MAX Integrated Starship) but lack sufficient funding to achieve their goal.

How The Starships Project Works
Instead of working one on one with you to reach the funding goal to create your POD MAX integrated observatory (Starship), we reach out together to many people and organizations to fund your project via our funding website “The Starships Project”.

Unlike other funding programs, your campaign is not limited to 30-90 days. It is “open ended”. Depending on the funds required for your project (up to $300,000 U.S. allowed) it may take longer than a few weeks to raise the funds needed. Therefore you can begin with a target of 6 months, and extend that until you have the funds needed. If we all work together, it won’t take that long.

To find out if your organization qualifies for inclusion in THESP please go to the Apply Page.

Contact Us at  877-378-6286, all of our team members will immediately receive your voice message wherever they are and we will reply asap.

Email us us and we will send you more information about –
Qualifying, Creating Your Integrated Starship, Funding, Rules, and Running a Successful Campaign.

Visit the
POD MAX Website to learn more about the observatory system being utilized to create the Starship Fleet.